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"All locks are shiny, so they must all be the same!" WRONG!! Even the most beautiful lock can be an imitation of a quality lock.

When you think of what you have in your home, THINK about what you put on it.

Quality hardware is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you buy a lock for $10, chances are you have a lock not worth $10.

A good quality lock will cost around $30 - $40. A good quality dead bolt will approximately $60.

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Most locks will fall in one of these categories:

GRADE #1 - Commercial Lock

  • heavy traffic use, abuse, over-used, open and closed (slammed) 1,000 times a day

GRADE #2 - Commercial & Residential Lock

  • moderate use, but still built sturdy enough for commercial abuse

GRADE #3 - Residential Lock

  • lite use, not the best quality, sub-standard quality, mostly sold at Home Depot or Osh