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As a restoration locksmith, I feel it's better to repair existing hardware rather than replace it.

Keeping the original hardware keeps the integrity of the house in tact. Most original lock sets are 7" or 4" mortise pocket locks and I've found that the majority of these locks needs a little TLC.

Keep in mind, most of these locks are 80, 90, even 100 years old and almost all have never had maintenance. Most locks can be brought back to full function with minor repairs.

  Repaired Mortise Lock

Partial or even full rebuilds are usually one third the price of a new lock and that not taking into consideration the alteration fees. It is more cost effective to repair an existing lock than replace it.

Most of the newer locks don't even come close to the strength of the pocket locks. In some cases, I've seen the wood around the lock give way before the lock broke and caved in.


This door was kicked in and as you can see, the latch and bolt are not even damaged. But, you can see the still attached wood from the door that gave way.

This is a perfect example of why we repair locks.