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bolt   bolt - part of lock that secures door to jamb
cam   cam - tail piece for mortise locks, Adams Rite locks, and cam locks
    cylinder - lock body
    escussion - cover plate for knob and key holes
rose   face plate - covers holes on door, door knob, and key holes
    full or split spindle - lock part through door, either 1/2 or whole used to operate knob
handle   handle - a specific part of the lock meant to be grabbed or held by hand
    jamb - the door jamb is the housing for strike plate (housing for bolt or latch)
key   key - a metal instrument specially cut to fit a specific lock in order to function bolt
knob   knob - lock part used turned to retract latch
cylinder   latch and bolt - part of the lock that closes door
lock   lock - device mechanical or electronic used to limit access
mortise   mortise lock - 7" or 4 body lock recessed in door
    pin - used in lock, various sizes to fit key
    plug - center of lock where key and pins are
  rose - plate behind lock that covers hole in door
thumb turn   thumb turn - manually moves bolt to a locked or unlocked position
  toggles switches - renders lock lockable or unlocked while closed